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I provide bespoke WordPress web design and development in Brighton.

Open source, powerful and flexible, WordPress is a great platform to design and build for and allows clients the ability to easily manage their website in-house.

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Bespoke WordPress Web Design

I’ve been using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to power websites for my clients for several years and find it a great platform to work with.

As an experienced WordPress developer, all my web design projects are custom builds. This means no templates or shortcuts. Your website will be be unique to your business and contain the specific features your website needs.

Custom wordpress theme development

Content Management & Plugins

The WordPress admin area gives clients access to site content in a powerful, user friendly interface. Edit existing pages, add new ones, upload and manage images and video – everything you need to run your website in-house rather than spend money on outside support.

Thanks to the popularity of WordPress as a platform, the community has produced countless plugins (free and paid) to provide extra functionality on top of what you get out of the box with WordPress. This means that potentially expensive website features like hotel bookings for example, can be implemented at a fraction of the cost compared to a custom built solution.

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