Our Impact

As part of each new client project, we donate to charities, social justice organisations or plant trees plant trees as part of global reforestation projects.

Environmental Impact

We try to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum and have started to plant trees and help fund some of the world’s best climate crisis solutions. You can help, and it won’t cost you a penny. From Jan 2020, every time we work with a new client, we’ll plant trees on their behalf.

Want to contribute?

Visit our Ecologi page and hit ‘Gift more impact’ to plant trees in our forest.

Donate trees

Tree Planting Carbon Offset

Tree planting & reforesting

Each month, we plant trees via various reforesting projects around the world. So far we’ve planted 5,296 trees, mainly as part of a mangrove planting project in Madagascar run by Eden Reforestation Projects, who have already planted 220 million trees and created 2.2 million work days for local people.

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Carbon Offset - Wind Power

Carbon offset

So far, we’ve offset over 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide and have contributed to some amazing projects including;

– a new biomass power plant in Siltara, Raipur
– the Sidrap Wind Energy Project in Indonesia
bio-digesters for rural Vietnamese farmers
improved stoves in Eritrea
– a wind farm in north western Turkey
protecting the Amazon from deforestation

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