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  • This parenting lark is preeeeeetty tiring!
  • In other news… WE HAD A BABY!
This little dude was born last Tuesday so the last 10 days have been a blur to say the least. @antoniansimmons was an absolute hero during labour and is doing really well.
Day 1 was awesome and we even made it out for lunch at @pabellonbtn! Since then, it’s been much more of a reality check and we’re currently on a pretty relentless feeding schedule, leaving little time for luxuries like, oh I dunno… sleep?!
We had a home birth, which couldn’t have gone better. The home birth service & team of midwives in Brighton are incredible and the postnatal support has been top drawer too.
We can’t wait to show our little one around our wonderful city so stay tuned for some foodie baby adventures and feel free to shout with any parenting tips!
  • You beauty #brighton
  • Instagram Image
  • Ma. Bro.
  • @thexcerts at @o2academybrix
  • Speckled 🌱 pots
  • New pots! Decent size bowl and a small vase.
  • Lovely weekend at the in-laws! No, this isn’t their garden...
  • Always a pleasure, @forgetcape

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