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To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, scotts menswear proudly introduced their blog, highlighting key moments over the past three decades in sport, music, fashion, film and TV.

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Only interested in music? No problem, you can view only music posts via the category menu. Equally you can view all posts relating to a certain year.

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Responsive Design

The blog works just as well on your mobile or tablet as it does on desktop. The layout adjusts to fit whichever device it’s being viewed on.

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The read next section at the end of each article pulls in 3 articles from the archive. The aim being to engage the user and keep them on the site.

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Responsive Design

The website was designed and built to be responsive for mobile and tablet devices. Meaning that regardless of which device a user chooses to view the website on, they are given the best possible browsing experience.

Taking the time to work on the content hierarchy of the page, mobile users are able to access the most important information easily, without having to scroll around and waste their precious time when they're on the move.

Non critical information is still easily accessible but doesn't get in the way of the key functions the user is trying to perform.

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