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UX and website design for the NBCUniversal Formats team. The website is used as a screening suite and tool to sell NBCUniversal’s formats globally.

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AgencyBionic Media
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To save clients time, the global menu allows them to jump between their preferred genres, whether it’s Scripted, Dating, Entertainment or Cooking.

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As well as NBCUniversal formats, the site also contains formats from partners. The Partners page makes it easy for clients to find what they need as quickly as possible.

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On a Format page, clients can stream episodes from international versions, download PDFs on the fly and message their assigned account manager.

Responsive Design

The website was designed and built to be responsive for mobile and tablet devices. Meaning that regardless of which device a user chooses to view the website on, they are given the best possible browsing experience.

Taking the time to work on the content hierarchy of the page, mobile users are able to access the most important information easily, without having to scroll around and waste their precious time when they're on the move.

Non critical information is still easily accessible but doesn't get in the way of the key functions the user is trying to perform.

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